Design & feasibility

Many projects have a considerable "Pre-Contract" stage in which different options are fomulated and evaluated.  This could involve planning and comparing of a number of buildings a tenant plans to move to, or producing concepts at different levels of specification for a building refurbishment.

Integral to this process is budget planning for different options or buildings, which can involve phasing / implementation planning, particularly where a project involves refurbishment in occupation.

We prepare and apply for Statutory Approvals for Planning Permission and Building Regulations Consent.  This is often a key part of the design process.

The projects listed below are examples where we have provided considerable advice during the Pre Contract phase to enable the client to weigh up and select the preferred option.

Examples of Design and feasibility projects:   (click name to view project information)

1. Goodman - Rainton Bridge                 3. Right Management
2. Kaspersky                                               4. British Cycling Federation     BCF


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